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Kim Singletary

Acting Instructor

My name is Annette (Kim) Singletary. I am a local Actor, who recently moved to Phoenix, 5-years ago. I was born & raised in Boston, Mass. under the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. I became inspired in acting and singing at eight while performing at my local church choir & listening to old records and watching the Ed Sullivan Show. In high school, I performed in several talent competitions. My senior year I landed the leading role in the play “The Me Nobody Knows”. I enjoyed being on stage singing, acting and performing in front of an audience. I realized then what my GOD Gifted talent was.

I am very passionate about acting and teaching others who believe the importance of enhancing their craft to help them get to the next level in becoming ‘SUCESSFUL.’ I got my first acting opportunity by ‘CHANCE’, as an Extra in the featured film ‘ What’s the Worse that can Happen’, starring Danny De Vito, Martin Lawrence and Nora Dunn in Boston, Massachusetts.


Kim Singletary
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