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Donniesha Goldsberry

Executive Assistant

Donniesha Goldsberry was born in San Diego, CA in October of 1999. Due to her father’s military service, she and her family moved along the west coast of the US from the time of her infancy, until she was 8 years old, in which they settled back in San Diego. It was during this time when Ms. Goldsberry became a victim of bullying at her elementary school. Though obvious to instructors and staff on campus, her cries and complaints were continuously ignored. When Ms. Goldsberry was in 6th grade, however, her mother discovered what had been taking place, and climbed up the chain of command at her school district to put an end to the years of abuse. Although the other children’s actions lessened in severity, the bullying had not truly ended until she reproached the bullies herself in junior high school, the following year. From this experience, Ms. Goldsberry’s passion for helping others was born. Ms. Goldsberry is currently in the process of earning her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with minors in both Counseling, and Human Services Case Management. Her goal is to earn her PsyD, and become a child psychologist, so she may rewrite the story of children who may be experiencing what she once did. In addition to furthering her education, Ms. Goldsberry continues to serve children in various ways: volunteering at a camp for foster children each summer since 2015, interning at a high school to mentor troubled LGBT+ youth in 2019, and working at GalPatch--an organization, aimed at empowering young girls--since 2021. Her passion is to help children with no voice, and she hopes to help as many as she can to finally be heard.


Donniesha Goldsberry
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